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According to the S.C. Code of Laws, Title 23 Chapter 35, consumer-grade fireworks are legal to buy, store and shoot for those aged 16 and older. Fireworks are legal to buy year-round and not just on July 4th or New Year's Eve. Local ordinances may differ, but all firework prohibited zones must be clearly marked with a 12" x 12" sign clearly stating that fireworks are prohibited. Otherwise, within city limits on July 4th or New Year's Eve, fireworks are governed by noise restrictions. So, be safe and respectful of your neighbors, and enjoy shooting fireworks all year long in South Carolina.




Yes, as long as you take some common sense precautions. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2008, the number of fireworks injuries in America totaled 7,000. By comparison, the number of skateboarding injuries totaled 61,000. Firework safety is still a very important issue. More than half of firework injuries occur among young people under the age of 20. Always read and follow instructions on firework labels and shoot fireworks only under the supervision of an adult. Casey's also provides a safety guide for each specific type of firework:

Yes, we are open 6 days a week all year. And two weeks before July 4th and New Year's Eve, we're open Sundays, too.






Unlike most consumer products, fireworks have an extremely long shelf-life. As long as fireworks are stored in a cool, dry place, and their fuses kept away from liquids, fireworks can be used years after purchase.





Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach, Hilton Head, and Kiawah Island have all prohibited fireworks. However, fireworks are allowed outside of Myrtle Beach city limits in Horry County and outside Charleston city limits in Charleston County. Fireworks are not permitted in Beaufort County. Hardeeville permits firework use on July 4th and "similar holidays."





South Carolina outlawed all bottle rockets less than 1/2" in diameter back in 2004. They are illegal to sell and purchase in this state.





These have been outlawed in South Carolina for years, though if it's just noise that you're looking for rather than a sheer explosion, Casey's sells the loudest legal fireworks, some of which even explode underwater.






Yes, unlike other states that require or prohibit purchasers of fireworks to be from that specific state, South Carolina does not require its firework customers to be S.C. residents or possess an S.C. driver's license.

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Casey's Fireworks offers several different options for those who are on a limited budget, but still want a great show. The trick is to mix firework types. Fountains are inexpensive, safe, and great to set off early in your show. From fountains, you can move to more aerial fireworks – bottle rockets, roman candles and saturn missiles. For the finale, pick up some mortar shells and multi-shot cakes. A package with all of these items is on sale in our store, year round, for just $59.99.

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