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Casey's Fireworks: A Guide To Your Wedding Sparkler Celebration

Step 1: Unbox your sparklers and distribute them to your wedding guests.


You'll want to make sure each guest has at least one sparkler -- two if you want a second chance at photographs!

Step 2: Lighting the sparklers is the trickiest part. They should all be lit around the same time, which can be difficult to do with a conventional lighter.


We've found the best way to light sparklers is with a constant flame – that way more than one person can light at a time. Casey's Fireworks builds custom Sparkler Stations, complete with a 4-hour chafing fuel lighter, and surrounded by a base of sand. After the sparklers burn down, they can be extinguished safely in the sand.

Step 3: The light given off by sparklers can make for some incredible photographs. But it can also be tricky for wedding photographers to capture. For best results, crouch down with a good view of the bride and groom and the sparkler "tunnel" overhead. You need to shoot at the fastest shutter speed you can to freeze the motion (using a flash spoils the light from the sparklers) and – if they're willing – have the bride and groom walk by twice.

Sparklers add a beautiful afterglow to any wedding. Wedding sparklers are now used in place of rice or grains to signify prosperity in the couple's new life together. Casey's Sparklers are quickly becoming the fastest-growing wedding trend in South Carolina. Come to Casey's Fireworks today for an in-store planning guide for your special celebration. 


Wedding sparklers typically come in two sizes: 36 inch and 20 inch. The 20" sparklers burn for  about 90 seconds while the 36" sparklers burn for approximately 140 seconds, giving everyone time to get ready.


If you want the "tunnel" effect, where the bride and groom walk out through a tunnel of sparklers, you'll want to use the 36" sparklers.


Most event planners suggest 36" sparklers because of longer burn time and range of use.


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