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For a moment that you'll never forget, fireworks from Casey's...

At Casey's Fireworks, we've sold sparklers for 65 years. Our Wedding Sparkler Section has the best quality sparklers available in-stock and happy to serve you all year-round.


Our most impressive fountain!

Perfect for your big day!

Three stories tall! 

***Picture of first stage, with last stage 3 stories tall


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Casey's Fireworks is here to help you design a perfect wedding reception, one that you'll remember for a lifetime. No matter your budget, Casey's can add some sparkle to your wedding. The more sparklers you need, the more money you save.

Casey's is located in Columbia, SC, on the way from the mountains to the beach and conveniently close to Interstate 77. Stop by today and let's plan a sparkling wedding together!

Event Photographers/Videographers Recommend:


-  4.5 minute sparklers ideal

-  1.5 minute sparklers for small number of guests.

Casey's Wedding Sparkler SC

has three choices for all your

sparkler events!


1. 36" large, 4.5 minutes


2. 20" medium, 1.5 minutes


3. 20" small, 1.0 minutes


If you're on a budget, we've got regular sparklers that last a minute.

Best of all, unlike shopping for sparklers online (which can often arrive broken or late), one of our friendly professionals will be happy to assist you in person to select exactly what you need. And you don't have to pay for shipping.

Wedding sparklers add creative fun to your wedding tradition in the most exciting way. Event planners and wedding photographers choose sparklers because they add a stunning backdrop to reception images. Brides and grooms love sparklers because they add fire and passion to any wedding – large or small.

Gender Reveal

Our typical expecting couples use fireworks to reveal the gender of their child in a fantastic fashion by ending in a blue or pink 3 shot finale extravanganzas.

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Casey Family wedding picture with Jim and Harriet Casey in the middle,

Jack and Joyce Casey on the right and Father Jarman Casey presiding over St. Josephs Church wedding.

Columbia, South Carolina.


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