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The largest boom in the store, this giant 9-Shot Rack grand finale features 3" shells, willow breaks, and a three-shot finish. If you try to find these on our supplier's website, it says "out o stock," but we have a stockpile in our store ready to shoot. Perfect for a show end.









"The best firework in the store," says Rodrigo, one of our most trusted employees. And we can see his point – if you were to have one shell to end a music festival or a baseball game, this woul be it. Why? First, it fills the sky with comets enidng with brocades. And it doesn't stop – finale after finale, finally with some of the loudest neon bursts we have ever see.








Forget about the old 10-shot Roman Candles, these new Super Roman Candles are the most-improved class of firework in the store. They are safer, with built-in stakes to keep them grounded. Super Roman Candls also have much higher capacity, with an average shot count of over 100 shots. These Rapid Fires are our favorites, with neon colors and crackling effects. Most-improved in the whole store!








Artillery, or mortar, shells are some of the most dynamic and exciting fireworks for sale. You have to load and re-load each shell, and these 5" NEON shells come with four tubes to help you maximize your show. Shoot four 5" shells at once and feel the power! When they explode, these shells have new neon effects, and are so loud you can feel the thump in your chest. Perfect combo of beauty and booming.







Invasion is part of a new class of Saturn Missles that aren't just noisy – they shoot rapid-fire colorful explosions. This one is classified a "Super" Saturn Missile, which means it shoots over 500 shots. This can get the party started, with the kind of rapid energy to let everyone know you're ready to shoot, but with enough pretty colors to not annoy the neighbors.






For those new to fireworks, people with dogs or horses, or just for enthusiasts who want to see something new, these Angel's Kiss fountains provide a whole show of sparks and mini-explosions without the noise. Effects start small and grow over 10 ft. The show lasts nearly 1 minute, and is part of our section of reduced noise and noiseless fireworks. Check it out today!


-Casey's Newest and Best-


1.) NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION – Best Grand Finale






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nuclear destruction

2.) WICKED AWESOME – Best Single Shell Show


3.) RAPID FIRE – Best Super Roman Candle


4.) 5" NEON – Best Super Artillery Shells

Honorable Menton 1.) ANGEL'S KISS – Best Noiseless Fountain


5.) INVASION – Best Super Saturn Missiles


Recently, we were asked by WIS-TV's Palmetto Weekend to pick our Top Five fireworks.  

We hope you enjoy these new fireworks as much as we do – Casey's Fireworks best and newest fireworks of 2021!